[which esp32 is the correct one ?]

There are basically 2 models of DO-IT one with 30 and the other 36 pins, the 30 pin DOIT is the recommended.

[1- Arduino-- ide]

1) You need to have pre-installed ARDUINO IDE, or Install ARDUINO IDE , LATEST VERSION follow this video : How to Install ARDUINO IDE,+ all support libraries for the Nodecmu board model in 1 minute-


[2 download esp32forth V 7.05]

Download Version 7.05 of ESP32Forth <-- download and copy to a sketch folder, watch this video

[3 upload to esp32 ]

3) Install /copy the folder ESP32forth ( or espforth-eforth63) inside your ARDUINO SKETCH folder.

4) On ARDUINO IDE open the file espforth.ino.

5) Now, you are ready to compile and download to your ESP32 !

6) Using a terminal on USB you will see ESP32forth welcome message

[4 webui interface]

9) If you want to start a ESP32 WebUI

Type on your serial terminal :


(replace network name with your router and password with your access pw.)

Then in your browser (Chrome) a terminal over the web can be activated.

type http://forth/

(Contact at port printed or via mDNS http://forth/)

[5 start programming]

10) Start your browser and communicate to your ESP32 you will see this web-page.

Get the full manual of Dr. Ting ESP32 eforth 6 , here : Download

To better understand eForth words, download the "eForth Overview" of Dr. Ting (take att. this is a x86 version, not all the words are the same!)

(if you look for more information on ESP32, here is a great list of links )


Follow some of our beginner projects to learn how to program with forth.

Links :

Download Version 7.05 of ESP32Forth <-- download

all our gratitude to Bill Muench & Dr. Ting & SVFIG members for the development of eForth,

and Brad Nelson for the development of version 7, web-ide support, and newer versions